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Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast

Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!

Oct 15, 2020

And just like that, season eight is over... Join Carolyn and Vanessa as we talk about this little show we, and others like us, call The X-Files. This week it's all about a deep dive on Krycek, whale songs, strong ladies out in the wilderness, the gifts of The Lonegumen, and the uwu moment that we can't stop talking...

Oct 1, 2020

In this, the essence of the X-Files, we find Mulder musing about the beginnings of life and an epic Stephen King assessment of the X-Files mythology. Carolyn serves the hot tea on baby showers, and no matter what Chris Carter says, Mulder cares for Scully. (Insert many heart emojis here, heehee!) Also make sure to check...

Sep 17, 2020

You're never "alone" when Carolyn and Vanessa are around! We're back and we have things to say about this "slithery" episode. Download now to get the answers to all your burning questions: For example, what is the connection between the salamander man and the fluke man? Which character has an "anger thing"? Who is "that...

Sep 3, 2020

The black oil is back, and spoiler alert, to no one’s surprise, we still don’t get it. Their eyes glow now? Oy vey. We also talk about other things, we swear - the Mulder and Doggett of it all, Sculltopsies, and mythology, plus…Baking with Carolyn and Vanessa!

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Aug 6, 2020

We're back with another fiery hot episode! This week Carolyn and Vanessa have all the info you didn't know you wanted, as per usual. They talk behind-the-scenes gems, 90's moments, guest stars, Greek history, and ship to their hearts' content! Aren't you glad you downloaded? 

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