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Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast

Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!

Mar 8, 2016

In this week's episode, Carolyn, Vanessa, and Amanda watch "Død Kalm" and podcast at the same time, delivering hilarious commentary. Vanessa shames the actors for their bad Norwegian, Carolyn comments on the "Norwegians"' facial features, and Amanda theorizes about what they were eating while stranded on the ship. Also, who said, "Shut your face about fatty tissues, Mulder?" Listen to find out! Don't forget to check out our past coverage of the Revival all through the month of February, featuring special guest Revival actor Artin John on TWO occasions, our friends Gian and Sara, and more!