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Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast

Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!

Jan 17, 2017

We welcome back our friend Georgia, and we introduce Hank, the youngest Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast listener ever! You may remember that Georgia was pregnant with Hank during her last appearance, and we were so happy to have them join us again. In this episode, we discuss Rocky Flats (and find out when Vanessa's birthday is!) and life lessons to be learned from the X-Files. In true NAXFPP fashion, the episode sidetracks into general X-files tangents, but you don't want to miss them. Hear Georgia's story of her embarrassing encounter with an X-Files actor, and Minnesota Housewife reviews!  

Special thanks to Jackson Beatz for letting us use his track for our closing song! Check it here: