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Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast

Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!

Oct 29, 2020

It’s our 5th annual Halloween Spooktacular! (Or should we call it our Spooptacular this year?) Jeff Gulka is back to tell us all about what he’s been up to in the past 3 years (!!!) since we first had him on the podcast. He tells us his opinion of season 11 (it might surprise you), and then we dive into the witch’s cauldron and talk all things Halloween! What’s he doing for Halloween 2020? What was his favourite costume as a kid? And can he watch scary movies alone?

Carolyn also quizzes Vanessa on Halloween trivia, and Vanessa quizzes Carolyn in a more “meta” manner. Plus, spooky intermission music by Deuxvolt!

Other music by Lemon Yellow Hayes and Haunted Corpse from the Free Music Archive. Sound effects from

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