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Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!
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Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!

Jul 17, 2017

It's the end of season 5, and we give Vancouver a proper send-off! But first, we have so much praise for Gibson Praise, do some Well-Manicured Man impressions (you don't want to miss those), compare Scully's jealousy of Diana Fowley with her jealousy towards Phoebe Green (remember her?), and in doing so, try to figure out what a true love triangle is. We're not sure we actually come to a conclusion on that one. Plus, what do the Lone Gunmen do before bed? You'll hear that answer in this episode, and dare we say, it's pretty hilarious.

We also feature interviews with people (our friends!) who were extras in the famous chess scene - hear about what they heard, saw, and did! 

And in our season 5 wrap-up, we play some highlights, wax poetic for our patrons, and, of course, go over our ratings for the season, because we're just that meta.

Welcome to the longest episode of NAXFPP! It's super fun over here!

NEXT WEEK - stay tuned for a special interview with Lisa Gemino, crew member for many years of the X-Files' Vancouver home. Then, we take a 2-week release break, because, summer.

Thanks for listening! We love you!

Jul 11, 2017

Join in our madness this week as we get bugged by, well, a giant bug. Vanessa takes us behind the scenes of her job as a telemarketer and relays some workplace angst. The girls discover some extremely long vocabulary and then try to recreate some possible workplace romance over pasta. All this and plenty of fun facts as well as a Shipping that had Carolyn's finger on the rewind button!

Thanks to our listener Paul for our outro! 

Jun 26, 2017

It's time for another NAXFPP toofer-extraordinaire! This week we handle the big pile of "Nope!" that is Travelers and wonder why skeptical Mulder is skeptical in Mind's Eye. Carolyn is captivated by the smoky and dreamy '50s, while Vanessa takes a Vancouver journey through her own Mind's Eye. We also crush on some hipster-looking coroners and become "travelers" through our own past tweets! Tune in for all your favorite segments and plenty of Fun Facts! 

Thank you to our listener, Paul, for the outro!

Jun 20, 2017

Carolyn and Vanessa are at it again with a conversation about shipping that devolves into talking about actual ships (funny how that happens), Scully's scandalous hypnosis, and a horrifying alternate reality where everyone is the Cigarette Smoking Man's child...The girls ponder what Krycek and Marita's celebrity dating name would be, and muse about a hard choice that Skinner has to make...

Thanks to our listener Paul for our awesome outro!

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Jun 12, 2017

Who's over there making out in the hallway? Why, it's Alex and Marita, of course! And Vanessa and Carolyn are not ok with it. Plus, Vanessa takes a trip through 90s internet pages, and Carolyn wonders if the alien goo can get into nose holes (because let's face it, we're never, ever going to truly understand how it works). The girls also explore the X-Files alien family tree, question Mulder's skepticism, and talk a lot about Russia.

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Jun 6, 2017

Baby now we've got Bad Blood - HEY!

We welcome Carolyn's sister Monica as a guest this week as we chat about one of our favourite episodes of all time! Monica shares her X-Files origin story, which involved being scarred by Carolyn. We talk about all the wonderful actors in the episode, especially Luke Wilson, and Monica and Carolyn have lots to say about vampire lore and subculture. You can play along with our guessing game that is actually harder than it seems, and sing an homage to the episode with us! Grab half of a bagel with light cream cheese and travel down to Texas with us.

May 31, 2017

Let's take a dip in the primordial cyber ooze! We are a little freaked out by our computers this week as Artificial Intelligence threatens our very existence. Welcome to Kill Switch! Carolyn and Vanessa are joined by two phile-friends to discuss whether robots are running the world. Carolyn gets a little excited about her favorite "genetic opera" while Vanessa can't get enough of sarcastic Scully. Download now for tons of fun facts and a confusing journey through technology, society, and whatever name the CW goes by now. 

Thank you to our listener Paul for our outro!

Editors note: We have some weird background noise in this episode, we've got it figured out, but couldn't fix it on this recording. Thanks for standing by us!



May 23, 2017

Welcome to Chinga, the first X-Files episode Carolyn ever saw! Don't worry, you'll hear a lot about her X-Files origin story. We also reflect (no pun intended) on our favourite bald guys, talk a lot about Stephen King, and Carolyn takes her own stab at being a prolific horror writer to tell Vanessa a story that totally freaks her out. Find out what we're shipping this time and shudder along with us as we talk about possibly one of the creepiest X-Files episodes ever!


May 15, 2017


This week we pay tribute to teen angst and Mulder's boyish agility! The trees are alive, with the sound of angry dads--it seems. Carolyn and Vanessa view the X-Files through adolescent glasses! Does it smell like teen spirit in here? Download now and don't get trapped in the orchard after curfew!

Good news! Thanks to our awesome patrons on, we are getting a new recorder! This will help us avoid audio issues in the future. Season 5 has been a wild audio ride!

Thanks everyone for your regular support! Shout out to: Alex, Anna-Karin, Daniel, Erika, Jemimah, Jennifer, John, Maria, Michelle, Monica, Naomi, Peter, Sara, Vicki, and Vin! 

On that note, we apologize for audio weirdness this week. 




May 8, 2017

How much blue paint can you swallow before you die? We talk to our guest, Lindsay, to find out! We also talk the season 11 announcement (cautiously optimistic), overused plot devices, and wonder why Mulder can't keep his fish alive. In the end, we come to the conclusion that "Mulder doesn't need a badge to do what he wants to do," and end up having our very own NRA conference. Enjoy the crazy!


May 1, 2017

This episode will melt your face off! This week Vanessa and Carolyn welcome a new and exciting guest! Andrea Warner from the podcast Pop This! comes by to share her hot takes on feminism, pop culture, and being driven by the Cigarette Smoking Man. We get down to the 'bones' of the episode and have a great time laughing at Mulder's fight skills and Scully's desert wanderings in a nightgown. Download today for maximum episode freshness! 

Thank you to our listener Paul for the amazing outro music!

Apr 24, 2017

Before we get into the description, we apologize for the audio quality this week. Our recorder is acting less-than-stellar. We are in the process of rectifying that situation, but for now, we hope that you will stick with us and enjoy this episode anyway! Next week will be better, we promise.

This week, we tackle The Post-Modern Prometheus - the X-Files episode that has sparked many an internet think piece. On that note, trigger warning: we talk about rape in this episode.

But we also talk about fun things, such as what Cher would be like as a mom. Carolyn also gives us her best Mutato impression, and, as always, we go down with the Mulder & Scully ship. To Carolyn's surprise, Vanessa gets the shippiest she ever has! Listen also for a taste of what Mulder's voicemail greeting would be, according to us.

Thanks as always for listening!  

Apr 18, 2017

This week we wander off the main path and travel off-road with Carolyn and Amanda! Tag along on our impromptu camping trip with Mulder and Scully. Ever wonder which podcast host would be the one to keep the other two alive? The answer probably won't surprise you! All this and our favourite segments, including shipping, oh plenty of shipping! So let Amanda get you a marshmallow for roasting on the fire as we cozy up and sing some campfire songs! 

Thanks to listener Paul for the outro song!

Apr 13, 2017

Vanessa and Carolyn welcome back an erstwhile guest to chat about their favourite trio, the Lone Gunmen! KB joins the girls to cover this fine 1989 vintage episode (like a fine wine...Get it? Ahem...Anyone? Tough room). Topics covered include huge cell phones the size of Mulder's head, Mulder's wedding ring and fan theories about Mulder's supposed former marriage, hackers, and 90s haircuts! We also ponder what happened to Mulder's pants, and who X lets into his bathtub...

Thanks to listener Paul for the outro song!

Apr 4, 2017

It's baaack! Redux again! This week Carolyn and Vanessa have a blast talking about this conspiracy-packed episode.  Vanessa wonders what a syndicate group therapy session would look like. Carolyn wonders if hospital visiting hours are enforced when your nurses are shippers. We answer some important questions! Does Scully have gal pals? Why is sad Mulder so very sad? Where can we get our dinner cloned? All this and some crazy fan theories mainly surrounding CSM, Skinner, Scully's mom and a priest--not necessarily in that order. 

Mar 29, 2017

We're back! Welcome to Season 5! Carolyn and Vanessa can barely contain their excitement about reaching their favourite season of the X-Files. We read some listener comments and questions to get the ball rolling, then pick apart Mulder's murder, discuss Scully's infamous Southern Blot, and find ourselves stymied by the black oil AGAIN. We then explore a couple super important questions: Were aliens involved in the Cold War? Who is the anti-shipper of the X-Files? And where does Skinner get his power? 

Download now for NAXFPP redux!

(Note: We are sorry in advance for any audio weirdness due to technical difficulties.)


Mar 16, 2017

Amanda joins Vanessa and Carolyn again to wrap up season 4, and she makes some pretty bold guesses about what she missed. Carolyn and Vanessa sing their praises for season 4, our amazing listeners, and our patrons on Patreon! Join us for season 5 after a one-week release break. 

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Mar 8, 2017

We wanna be where the pillows are, so get comfy with NAXFPP! In the season four finale Carolyn and Vanessa break it down and get biblical. We get into a serious conversation about the importance of faith, but have faith that we have plenty of laughs along the way! We also wish for Mulder and Scully currency, highlight the plight of women in the FBI, and WOW we are crazy about the WOW signal... and the disturbing sound of space... Find your comfy pillow and download now!

Thanks to Paul for creating our outro song and listen to episode 420 for his tribute to our theme song. Check out his Soundcloud here:

Feb 22, 2017

We're chasing some demons this week! Our curly-haired angels, Carolyn and Vanessa, woke up in a strange place and can't quite figure out why youtube keeps suggesting alien abduction videos. C wonders what Scully writes about Mulder in her diary and V gets psychological! This episode has it all, some top notch shipping, 90s moments, a myriad of fun facts and fashion you can catwalk into a crime scene with! Also, don't miss an exciting visit to our favourite coastal Rhode island town, Quantamahalish...Quantamagagadoodoo? Download to find out if we ever get the pronunciation right! 

Feb 17, 2017

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello! In this episode, we chat with Vin Forte of the podcast "Any Time With Vin Forte" about the classic Simpsons episode, "The Springfield Files." We hear Vin's thoughts on the Revival and the X-Files in general, hear fun facts from both Carolyn and Vin, and talk about a whole slew of 90s moments. Vin is appalled by Carolyn's choice of aquarium in a landlocked state, and Vanessa commiserates. We try to get to the bottom of the Red Speedo mystery and find out one of the best-kept Simpsons secrets! Vin also wows us with his impressions of cartoon characters, and we discuss what the Simpsons version did better than the X-Files themselves. Don't be afraid! We bring you love!


Feb 8, 2017
422. Elegy

Carolyn and Vanessa sing an elegy for this X-Files episode that scared Carolyn when she was just a youngin'! We harness that fear and explore paranormal phenomena such as spectres of death and ghosts. Then, we dive into the most important questions: "Could Scully's therapist have a crush on Mulder?" and "Does Mulder even lift?" 

Thanks to Jackson Beats for letting us use his track for our closing song! Check out his YouTube channel here:


Feb 7, 2017
421. Zero Sum

This episode is the bees knees! If they have knees... Carolyn and Vanessa get buzzing on the topic of bees, and C investigates 90s horror movies that could make you afraid to leave the house! V gives you her infectious lowdown on smallpox and both girls sing the praises of our favorite bespectacled bald Assistant Director. You won't have to make a deal with the devil in order to enjoy our episode this week, honey--let us buzz in your ears!

Thanks to Paul for creating our outro song and his aforementioned tribute to our theme song. Check out his Soundcloud here:

Jan 31, 2017

Join Carolyn & Vanessa for a little chat about this X-Files episode whose title may or may not be Latin...

Jan 25, 2017

Carolyn and Vanessa are once again joined by Georgia and baby Hank, and this time Hank makes himself heard! He gives his opinion on the passing of our intrepid podcasters' favorite agent, and gets some salty life advice from "Auntie Carolyn." C and V also discover that they are on different sides of the East Coast/West Coast rap battle, question why Chris Carter kills off so many characters, and enjoy some Scully Sass and 90's music. All this and an important lesson from our podcasters: never go to the back of an airplane with a mustached dude! 

Jan 17, 2017

We welcome back our friend Georgia, and we introduce Hank, the youngest Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast listener ever! You may remember that Georgia was pregnant with Hank during her last appearance, and we were so happy to have them join us again. In this episode, we discuss Rocky Flats (and find out when Vanessa's birthday is!) and life lessons to be learned from the X-Files. In true NAXFPP fashion, the episode sidetracks into general X-files tangents, but you don't want to miss them. Hear Georgia's story of her embarrassing encounter with an X-Files actor, and Minnesota Housewife reviews!  

Special thanks to Jackson Beatz for letting us use his track for our closing song! Check it here:

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